Name: Zachary Walker hanson


in: Arlington, VA 

sign: Libra

hair color: drak blond

eye color: brown

high: 6`0``

instruments: drums, piano


color: blue

TV-show: south park

ice-cream: chocolate


Zac Quotes:

"I love aliens"
"Someone's sat on my bagel!"
"I don't usually have dreams. I'm too busy sleeping to dream."
"Save the trees, eat a beaver."
"Why do girls scream? We need to know."
"I've been playing video games since I was three!"
"I wanna jump out of a plane without a parashute."
" I bang on things." (magazine interview)
"Lots and lots of trees, together, equals...big trees!" (TTand the MON)
"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow my ears ow"(Ugly Phil show)
"We love you people" ( Jenny McCarthy show)
" Our parents forced us into this. Help us!" (interview with CNN)
"Zac, in a typical little-brother fashion, swears he only joined the band to help his brothers out. He said they didn't sound good without him."
"How can we break up, were brothers?"
"Girls are just icing on the cake. Or music is like a hot dog, and girls are the condiments. Or, life is a twinkie, and girls are the sticky white stuff inside." (Request magazine)
Interviewer: "What are some of the worst rumors you've heard about yourselves?" Zac: "Taylor is left handed and dyslexic. And Ike owns a Camero, he wishes!!" (Ugly Phil Show)
"To infinity and beyond!" (interview)
"Girls! Girls are so cute, they write letters telling us they love us."(interview with Smash Hits magazine)
"Could you all be quiet, your hurting my ears. Keep it down girls, I'm going to lose my hearing. Keep it down!"(Paramous Park Mall)
"I liked it the way it was"(MMMbop to the Top, about A Minute Without You")
"You know what I wan do? I wanna give everyone in the world a puppy! Because puppies are good! They make you feel good!"
"Well, I'm like in the morning when I'm in the morning!"
"Well, see, would have my brain split in half and I would talk to myself!"
"No, I'd speak to Jim Bob Baybowlay!"
"We were like, 'You mean computer! We don't like you at all!'"
"Yeah, let's play with guns and knives, and motorcycles!"
"Hey, do I know you?"-Zac
"We would make up simple tunes to guitar and sing around the table."
"If you run, they'll chase you. If you don't run, you're dead."
"One guy asked me if I'd been abducted (by aliens). Yeah, right!"
"I've got the moves."
"A girlfriend? No thanks, I'd rather play Nintendo and build my Lego set!"
"There's lots of different kinds of love."
"I don't tend to get girls as fans. I just get all the young guys and weirdos."
"I've got one (a song) about a frog, one about an alligator, and one about a mushroom, called Mushroom In The Garden."
"We're gonna go get wasted after the show."
"You're jealous because this girl was flirting with me more after a concert because I'm so fine."
"I'm not a ham, I'm a turkey!"
"You can't expect success. You can only hope for it."
"See through trousers! Are you mad?! Are you kiddin?"
"He has more zits, and he has a little bit less zits and I have no zits."
"I believe that laughter is the best medicine. A good laugh gets your adrenaline pumping and you feel so much better, even if you're in a serious situation."
"Avery doesn't get as annoyed as Jessica does about the fans."
"Ike and Tay aren't usually worried about it. I'm the one who usually backs out. I may think I want to go on a ride, and then when I'm actually at the top about to do it, I change my mind and shout, 'Oh my God, what am I doing?' "

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