Name: Jordan Taylor Hanson

Born: 14/03/83

in: Tulsa, OK

sign: Pisces

hair color: blond

eye color: blue

high: 6`1``

weight: 125lbs

wife: Natalie Anne Hanson

children: Jordan Ezra Hanson (b.31/oct/02), Penelope Anne Hanson (b.April, 19th 2005)

Instruments: Keyboard, Piano


color: red

TV-show: Friends, south park

Shop: Gap


Taylor Quotes:


"Some guy held the door open for me and I then realized 'Oh my God!!! He thinks I'm a girl!!!'"
"it would kinda suck to die from a common cold." (about living in medevil times)
"I might be a wild rock'n roller but you won't catch me peeing in public!"
" I think if you hung out with us for a day, you'd be surprised because of course we're just normal kids"
"We thought about getting tattoos."
"We're not big partygoers."
"If there was a bully beating up on a cute girl, I'm a fighter"
" Ike, who cares about your hair?"(WIR)
"You know it's like, we rented a rocketship and we flew to the moon and we had a party with Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson."
" I'm the quiet one, obviously."(WIR)
"We actually like girls a lot. It just hasn't happened naturally."
"Not IN da crunch! it's not da crunch anymore. it's...da sog." -Tay (Snick)
"People say if you drop a penny off of the Empire State Building, it'll kill someone. I felt really bad 'cause I dropped a nickel off it once."
" I think you were more nervous for you life; not for your being in front of people. (CBS interview)
"All you need is a bag of jellybeans and Jennifer Aniston" (Ugly Phil)
"They almost ripped my body half a part." (TTand the MON)
" flying girls hiya!" (referring to the girls in Indonesia, Jakarta)
"Oh my God, Jennifer Aniston sent us a poster of herself" (Ugly Phil)
"It should say 'I'm Ugly'." (Ugly Phil show)
"Nothing serious, we just play tricks on each other. Like Isaac is a real romantic and I found this love letter he wrote to a girl once, it was horrid, I threw it in a fountain. When I was little I couldn't care less about girls, I just wanted to throw tomatoes and stuff at them."(interview)
"You know what, we'd be the ugliest girls you've ever seen. If I was a girl, I'd feel really sorry for myself because I'm UGLY"
"We're not up there to like save the whales or anything you know..."
"Well, if I'm a guy and I've got loads of sisters, I'll probably end up playing with Barbie to a certain extent."
"The computer! We were yelling at the computer last night cause it wouldn't save something."
"I'm friend with my sister too..."
"I'm like now. only in the morning..."(about how he is in the morning.)
"We're about to do the most insane thing we've ever done. We're gonna try to fly." (TTand the MON)
"He (Isaac) wrote his first song in Ecuador, on a small electric keyboard. The song was about the people on the streets; the poverty of where wewere."
"You never know what you've missed until it passes you by."
"I think it's simply great how you can give free-reign to your imagination when you draw. You can turn your dreams into shapes and colors, and that's what I find interesting about drawing."
"It is the message. Not the messanger. "
"I always want to tell people off who don't do their job right, but I never do. We're always saying we will shout at someone but we wimp out."
"We`re gonna get drunk on Dr. Pepper."
"We don't drink any pop because you know what that means...Pimples!"
"Isaac's the hopeless romantic of the group, I'm the professional and Zac's just mad."
"We get along pretty well. We're not like Oasis. We don't fight all the time."
"We're not doing this because we want girls to scream at us, but they can scream if they want!"
"Zac's got some really deep songs."
"Zac is the funny one, the crazy one, the insane one. He's very cool onstage. He's also got some sad, deep songs where you go, 'How old is he?'"
"We get a laugh from dropping waterbombs out of windows. It's innocent fun and we don't mean anything by it."
"There's three brothers that enjoy hanging out with each other who love what they're doing. That's just who we are. We're just normal guys having fun with it."
"The computer was sending us messages like "Screw you!'"
"Anywhere is walking distance, all you need is the time"
"We were coming out of a radio station, and there were about 20,000 people outside this station. And this 40 year-old woman jumps and grabs at my hair! I'm going, 'Have some control, woman!"
"The hell with the money part, now for the fun part!"
"I often go off into my own little world. At least that's what Isaac and Zac say. There is some truth in it, though. I like to think very carefully about everything. For this I need peace and quiet so that I can really 'catch up' with myself again.But even when I can't be alone it isn't difficult for me to switch off- that's when my brothers always say I'm in my little 'Taylor World' again."
"I'd like to call a friend's hotline, I need a friend NOW!"
"Sometimes I go away and just write a poem or even a song. Lots of people think that we only deal with situations in our songs which we've experienced ourselves, but that's not true. The songs I write are about my dreams and wishes, too."

"When I was younger, I use to round around throwing tomatoes at people yelling 'Tomato Head!'"
".... and don't forget your bullet-proof marshmallows!!"

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