Name: Clarke Isaac Hanson

Born: 17/11/80

in: Tulsa, OK

sign: Scorpio

hair color: dark blond

eye color: brown

high: 5'10"

weight: 130lbs
instruments: guitar, piano, bass 


color: green

TV-show:   Seinfeld, Frasier

Ice-cream: vanilla


Isaac Quotes:



"If you hang out w/some girl its going to be 'Ike Hanson has a girlfriend' on the front page."
"I'd never be able to smash up a guitar."
" We had a wedge before..." (WIR)
"You killed my family!" (TTand the MON)
"Thou shalt have a frog in thy bathroom... - I'm a bit groggy, I guess. I think my voice is deeper"(about how he is in the morning.)
"Yeah, we were yelling at it (a computer) because it wouldn't save something. We were getting really mad at that thing."
"Except from when they grow up to be big dogs. Yeah, they're all warm and squishy inside. Especially when they pee on you."
"Actually one time, I mean, one time, I'm retarded!" (Ugly Phil show)
"Or... Zing!" ( Regis and Kathy Lee interview)
" Wouldn't it be cool if there was like, this chick on stage."(WIR)
"We've gone from getting like 5 e-mails a week to like 700."(Seventeen magazine)
"The disadvantage of school is that there's this age thing where they separate you because of your ages. People always ask me what I'm doing hanging around with Zac, but the truth is I never think of him as being younger." (interview)
"I never knew you threw it in the fountain!" (About Tay throwing his letter in the fountain)
"I feel queasy!!!!"(Tulsa Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere)
"It's so cool to get to talk to fans, to find out where they're from and why they bought the records."
"They help me with girls, because I'm the one that needs it."
"I'd have to say a happy medium between The Simpsons and, unfortunately, The Waltons. We're probably not as weird as The Addams Family."
"Pamela Anderson is cute, but I like Jennifer Aniston, she looks like she'd be good fun."
"Zac orders us around more than we do - he's behind the drums and everything and he can control us . . . what we do."
"We've met a lot of really good friends who were fans to begin with and you can tell when fans are so obsessed with you that they wouldn't be able to concentrate on getting to know you. It's not hard to figure that out."
"You have your brief days, and you have your boxer days"
"Taylor's very good at being sneaky"
"Taylor has a very bad diet."
"Shirts, teddies - you name it, we've been sent it. One girl actually sent us a lava lamp"
"No, he's lying! He's over there playing tic tac toe with his twizzlers."
Hello? Hello? Is there a friend on this line? Hello?
Zac's almost schizophrenic.
"And Taylor, Mr. Fat Fingers on the keyboard!"

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